"The ONLY Redneck in South Africa!!"

Here's a Redneck dat lives way over der 'cross da Big Pond, Dave - ZS6AVM.

Dave's got some brand new pics of his Station!!
Check em out!

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Ahhhh!!! It's ZS6AVM makin that Voodoo!

The Voodoo Audio Station of ZS6AVM!

The ZS6AVM Voodoo Audio Shack!

Some ZS6AVM Voodoo Equipment!

The ZS6AVM Voodooooo Devices!

Upclose Voodoo Machines!

Nice Mic!

The Software Defined Radio (SDR) Moniter!

The ZS6AVM Voodooooo Gorilla!

Upclose Voodoo Machines!

Killer Flag!

The Home of ZS6AVM!

The ZS6AVM Tower View!

The SteppIR upclose!

Some ZS6AVM Landscaping!

Here's Some Old Pics of the Shack.

The Old ZS6AVM Shack!

The Old ZS6AVM Rack!

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